We used Surrogate Fund Management LLC to distribute and manage all payments to our carrier and services related to her for our recent twin pregnancy. One of the biggest benefits of using SFM is that it removed the monetary element from our relationship with our carrier. We were not the issuers of the checks, so we were better able to have a friendly bond with our carrier, free from all business elements. This alone makes this service worthwhile. SFM sent us monthly statements, detailing what was paid, when it was paid, and the balance remaining. They were very accessible, happy to answer all questions, and thoroughly explained the need for additional funds when it became necessary. We would recommend all expectant parents use this service.
Richard Rauscher and John Blixt
We began our surrogacy journey over a year and a half ago and are now the proud parents of beautiful twin boys born on August 6, 2009. Our Journey began with the help of Melissa Brisman and her team of professional attorneys, coordinators, counselors, and staff members.

We were very happy when we learned that we would have access to Surrogate Fund Management to help us handle all the financial aspects of the process which included managing the contractual financial commitments and obligations we now had. It was great because their escrow management services allowed us to focus on preparing for our new family members. We never had to worry about who needed to be paid when or why, it just happened.

Everything went so smoothly. They projected early on, almost to the penny, every anticipated expense and or reimbursement that would be required. Every month we received an accurate and detailed itemized statement and if there were any questions regarding an expense disbursement, they promptly contacted us in advance to verify information. Likewise they pro-actively anticipated upcoming expenses and helped managed our escrow balances so all expenses were paid promptly and accurately.

We can confidently recommend Surrogate Fund Management, LLC as a solid and reliable Escrow Management firm. They are experts in their field and it was a pleasure working with everyone on their staff.

D & M
It gives me great pleasure to write this letter about our experience with SFM.

My wife and I had contracted with a surrogate through Melissa Brisman’s office and, as part of the contract, escrow money had to be deposited up front into a separate account from where payments would be made. We were nervous at the beginning to put such a large amount into the account at once, but over time, we were really impressed with how diligent the staff was at making sure every dime and nickel was accounted for. They had our approval before issuing any payments for non-contracted items, and timely sent us the e-mails and monthly statements of the escrow and the balances.

Our point person at SFM was Susan Duggan. We couldn’t have asked for a better person than her. She is passionate about her work and keeps the expenses and balances in check and makes sure that the payments are appropriate and not exceeding what’s in the contract. Virginia Walker is a godsend. She has the ability to handle and tackle difficult situations very tactfully. She is our confidant and advocate and we felt very comfortable discussing our issues and concerns with her.

I would recommend SFM without any hesitation to any couples for managing their escrow money and be confident in their expertise.

V & S

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