Melissa Brisman


Melissa’s excellent reputation is based on her compassion and empathy for each intended parent. Her expansive knowledge and experience has allowed her to create an agency staff that is prepared to successfully help parents build their family and an escrow management team that is well able to provide dependable and accurate escrow services in connection with reproductive arrangements. Melissa is considered a true pioneer in this field who advocates for changes in the law in this area and lectures to physicians, potential parents, universities, and lawyers around the world.

Virginia Walker

Business Manager

Virginia Walker is the Business Manager of Reproductive Possibilities, LLC and Surrogate Fund Management, LLC. Virginia provides invaluable knowledge and support to the agency’s customers and to our companion escrow company. With nearly twenty years of management experience, Virginia’s leadership and organizational skills helps our agency and escrow company maintain a solid foundation as we grow. Virginia is a graduate of Ramapo College of New Jersey, with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Marketing. Virginia can be contacted by any potential client who wishes to speak with her about our agency or escrow company and how it can work for you.
Tel: 201-505-0078 Ext. 402

Susan Duggan


Susan Duggan handles all the escrow accounts for SFM’s clients. Susan attended Bergen Community College in New Jersey and took courses in both Accounting and Law. Before joining SFM, Susan owned her own company. She brings over twenty years experience to the company and is a tremendous asset to SFM and to its clients.
Tel: 201-505-0078 Ext. 403

Gus Gonzalez

Bookkeeping Assistant

Gus Gonzalez joins SFM as book keeping assistant.  He handles expenses for gestational carriers and makes sure that medical bills for our carriers are paid promptly and accurately.  Gus works part time for SFM and also works in the business department of a hospital, he has been there for 8 years.  His experience in the hospital environment helps him with his current work flow in our offices.
Tel: 201-505-0078 Ext. 413


Each Journey to Parenthood is Unique!

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