Ovum Donation Agreement Escrow Management

An Ovum Donation Agreement is a contract between a donor, her spouse/partner, if any, and the recipients of the donated ovum. This Agreement details the rights, obligations and expectations of the parties – financial and otherwise. SFM carefully examines the Ovum Donation Agreement and disperses monies to the donor as well as to third parties entitled to payments under the Agreement.

Since these agreements are often anonymous, SFM helps all our clients and donors maintain the confidentiality that is so important to them. Based on the requirements and provisions of the Ovum Donation Agreement, SFM collects and scrutinizes receipts submitted by the donor prior to making reimbursements. SFM will gather all supporting documentation needed to reimburse lost wages and other requests. Finally, on a monthly basis, SFM provides a detailed account statement to recipients so that they remain aware of disbursements being made from their account.

In this way, SFM removes this financial aspect of an ovum donation arrangement from the shoulders of recipients and donor while maintaining their anonymity and providing assurance to them that their money is safe.