Welcome to Surrogate Fund Management, LLC!

Surrogate Fund Management, LLC (“SFM”), founded by Melissa Brisman, provides accurate and dependable escrow management services in connection with reproductive arrangements. SFM is fully insured. SFM can provide escrow services for physicians, clinics and agencies in the reproductive field, as well as intended parents working with gestational carriers and/or donors. By providing these escrow services to intended parents, SFM alleviates intended parents of the burden of handling the financial aspects of their reproductive arrangements and allows them to focus on building their families.

Our Team

<strong>Melissa Brisman</strong>
Melissa BrismanFounder
<strong>Virginia Walker</strong>
Virginia WalkerBusiness Manager
<strong>Susan Duggan</strong>
Susan DugganBookkeeper
<strong>Gus Gonzalez</strong>
Gus GonzalezAssistant Bookkeeper

Each Journey to Parenthood is Unique!

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