Gestational Carrier Contract Escrow Management

A Gestational Carrier Contract is an agreement between intended parents and a gestational carrier and their husband/partner, if any. These contracts are often compensated and are intended to detail the parties’ rights, obligations, intentions and expectations in connection with their arrangement – financial and otherwise. SFM carefully examines the Gestational Carrier Contract and disburses monies to the gestational carrier as well as to any third parties entitled to funds under the Contract.

SFM helps you avoid awkward situations with your carrier. Based on the requirements and provisions of the Gestational Carrier Contract, SFM collects and scrutinizes receipts submitted by the gestational carrier prior to making reimbursements. SFM will gather all supporting documentation needed to reimburse lost wages and other requests. SFM consults intended parents prior to reimbursing substantial expenses submitted. In addition, on a monthly basis, SFM provides a detailed account statement to intended parents so that they remain aware of disbursements being made from their account.

In this way, SFM removes the financial aspect of a gestational carrier arrangement from the shoulders of intended parents and provides assurance to the clients that their money is secure.


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