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Tough Economy Tightens Surrogacy Market

Tough Economy Tightens Surrogacy Market By Molly M. Ginty, WeNews, June 23, 2008 Increasing numbers of infertile people have been using surrogacy to have children. But it's expensive, and a tougher economy and tighter credit market are pushing it further out of reach for those with middle incomes. In Orange County, Calif., Amy Kaplan of [...]

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Single, male, broody?

Single, male, broody? By Philip Sherwell,, June 12, 2008 New attitudes to the family may have the answer - go solo. It is the latest way for single men to have children, writes Philip Sherwell Will Zangwill is the picture of a doting new father as he cares for his four-month-old baby, Marissa, in [...]

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