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A nine-month partnership

A nine-month partnership National Post, April 26, 2008 In this second of a two-part series on the business of babies, A nine-month partnership looks at the prohibitive costs of surrogacy. Alison Beder Solway suffered congestive heart failure in her eighth month of pregnancy and went into premature labour. Luckily, her daughter was born healthy. But [...]

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The law of babymaking, ‘assisted reproduction’ work is on the rise

The law of babymaking, 'assisted reproduction' work is on the rise By Dick Dahl, Staff Writer, , April 21, 2008 San Diego attorney Thomas M. Pinkerton and his wife Darlene turned to in vitro fertilization in order to have a child. The procedure was a success – Darlene produced a viable embryo and Thomas' [...]

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Outside Hollywood, being a surrogate mom is far more than cash and carry

Outside Hollywood, being a surrogate mom is far more than cash and carry By Jessica Wakeman, Daily News , April 17, 2008 If you think finding good day care is hard, consider the task of finding someone to carry your child in vitro. Enlisting a surrogate to have a baby is becoming increasingly popular among [...]

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Single & hot to tot pop wannabes in surrogate grab

Single & hot to tot pop wannabes in surrogate grab By Susannah Cahalan , NY Post , April 13, 2008 Mommies are out, baby daddies are in. As a surge in surrogate births sweeps the country - up 28 percent in the past five years - baby-loving city bachelors are getting into the act, finding [...]

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The Curious Life of Surrogates

The Curious Lives of Surrogates By Lorraine Ali and Raina Kelley, Newsweek, April 7, 2008 Thousands of largely invisible American women have given birth to other people's babies. Many are married to men in the military Jennifer Cantor, a 34-year-old surgical nurse from Huntsville, Ala., loves being pregnant. Not having children, necessarily—she has one, an [...]

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Baby Carriers: Cold Cash or Warm Heart? Military Wives Can Make Ideal Surrogate Mothers

By Susan Donaldson James, ABC News, April 1, 2008 Lisa Wippler had all the characteristics of a good surrogate mother: She had previously given birth to two healthy children, she had a supportive husband and she was psychologically stable. The 36-year-old was also a military wife -- organized, disciplined and able to keep up with [...]

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