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Suit gives birth to a new page in surrogate motherhood

By Denise Lavoie, Associated Press, Chicago Tribune, IL, August 30, 2001 BOSTON - A month after they were born, a baby boy and his twin sister still have no birth certificates. The paperwork is being held up in a dispute that could change the legal definition of “mother” in the state. In Massachusetts and many [...]

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SJC quandary: what determines motherhood

By Kathleen Burge, Globe Correspondent, The Boston Globe, MA, August 29, 2001 Case pits genetics vs. legal precedent The twins were created entirely from the parents who are now raising them: his sperm, her eggs. But then the tiny embryos were implanted in another woman, one who loaned them her womb and eventually gave birth [...]

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Clinics face legal, ethical issues alone

While reproductive technology soars ahead, the state Legislature has remained silent on the serious ethical issues that arise when couples use science to help create babies. The New Jersey Supreme Court began to provide some answers to these questions in a ruling released Tuesday that bars a divorced father from having frozen embryos implanted in [...]

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