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Once again, court finds ‘mom’ isn’t simple word

By Leslie Brody, Staff Writer, World Wide Infertility Network, March 29, 2000 If an infertile woman has her egg implanted in another woman to carry to term for her, who is the official mother? That's the thorny question Judge Ellen J. Koblitz, presiding judge in family court in Bergen County, grappled with Tuesday. Her decision: [...]

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Lawyers help bring baby home

By MaryAnne Motter Cullen, The Legal Intelligence - Suburban, Volume 5, No. 12 March 22, 2000 Surrogacy Arrangements Appear to be on the Rise When desperate clients come to see Melissa Brisman, They see her as their last hope for having a biological child. That’s because Brisman’s specialty is reproductive law at McFall Riedl & [...]

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